Alessandro Covallero is a talented tattoo artist specialized in the art of black and white. With his artistry and limitless creativity, Alessandro transforms leather into a living canvas, creating unique and extraordinary works of art.

His black and white tattoos are true masterpieces, characterized by flowing lines, precise details and well-defined contrasts. Each design created by Alessandro is carefully studied and personalized to reflect the client’s vision and personality, guaranteeing a final result that goes beyond expectations.

Alessandro ability to create realistic shades and fascinating textures makes his tattoos incredibly vivid and engaging. Every detail is taken care of with precision, resulting in stunning images that leave a lasting impression.

Alessandro passion for art and his constant search for perfection push him to constantly improve. Experiment with new techniques and styles to offer your customers innovative and one of a kind tattoos. His skill in working with shades of gray and the contrasts of light and shadow allows him to create unparalleled depth and realism.

Piazza Carlo Goldoni, 34131 Trieste, Trieste TS, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italia