John Kural is a tattoo artist with an extraordinary passion for visual transformation through body art. His Instagram account, @john02john, is a kaleidoscope of unique and custom artwork, capturing the attention of tattoo enthusiasts and art lovers from around the world.

Specializing in a wide range of styles, John excels in complete transformation of covers, bringing to life intricate and detailed designs that blend harmoniously with the shape of the body. His ability to create custom works of art is evident in every detail, from technical mastery to a deep understanding of each client’s unique vision.

John’s versatility is manifested in his ability to adapt to any style, be it realism, abstract, traditional or neo-traditional. Every tattoo that comes out of his skilled hands is a bespoke masterpiece, created with passion and dedication to meet the highest expectations.

His attention to detail is extraordinary, allowing him to capture emotional expressions and nuances of light with astonishing precision. John is also known for his ability to work with clients to translate their ideas and visions into tangible works of art, thus creating unique pieces that tell personal stories.

John’s talent goes beyond impeccable technique; he is an expert at putting his clients at ease, creating a relaxed atmosphere in the studio that fosters collaboration and creative openness. With a list of satisfied clients that continues to grow, John Kural is a respected figure in the tattoo community, renowned for his commitment to artistic excellence and creating unforgettable works of art on the skin.

1108 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33606, USA