Welcome to the world of Lahhel Tattoo, a French tattoo artist who transforms skin into authentic works of art. Nicknamed the Architect, with an innate passion for the art of tattooing and unmatched technical mastery, Lahhel Tattoo brings forth a unique vision in his Parisian studio. Every stroke, every detail and every nuance of his tattoos tell a unique and personal story. From traditional to modern styles, Lahhel Tattoo knows how to capture the essence of each and every design and translate it into a bespoke creation that will leave you breathless. His artistic sensibility and attention to detail blend harmoniously to create bespoke works of art that exceed expectations. Whether you want a bold, vibrant tattoo or a delicate, subtle work, Lahhel Tattoo will interpret your ideas and transform them into a lasting testament to your style and personality.

BARON NOIR, 32 Avenue Thiers, 33100 Bordeaux, France