Welcome to the world of the pro-artist tattoo team led by Lorenzo Nigri, an expert in the field of lettering and black and white tattoos. His mastery manifests itself through bold lines and a surprising ability to mix various fonts, creating tattoos that exude harmony and unique style.

Distinctive Experience: Lorenzo Nigri is recognized for his specialization in lettering tattoos, an art that goes beyond words, transforming personal messages into works of art on the skin. His talent for black and white adds a touch of intensity and depth, creating tattoos that are true monochrome works of art.

Decisive and precise lines: Lorenzo’s distinctive trait manifests itself through decisive and precise lines, which give his works an extraordinary visual clarity. Each outline is expertly executed, creating tattoos that are both bold and refined.

Typographic Harmony: Lorenzo’s ability to mix various fonts is one of his most striking features. With a keen eye for typography, he manages to create harmonious compositions, making each tattoo unique and personalized.

The art of writing becomes an integral part of your personal story, immortalized on your skin. Specialization in Freehand Work: Lorenzo’s creativity is completely freed with his freehand work. Each stroke is an authentic manifestation of his artistic vision, giving the tattoos a unique character and a touch of originality.