Sebas Lopez

Sebastian Lopez is a talented tattoo artist specializing in artistic design, with an infectious passion for creative expression through the art of tattooing. Known for his mastery of integrating unique and detailed visuals into his work, Sebastian brings his creations to life on his clients’ skin.

With one look at his Instagram profile (@sebaslopeztattoo), his extraordinary talent for creating works of art that stand out for their beauty and attention to detail is evident. His creations feature a harmonious combination of flowing lines, suggestive shades and artistic compositions that capture the imagination.

Sebastian is known for his ability to collaborate with his clients to create custom tattoos that reflect their individuality and unique stories. Through careful listening and open communication, she immerses herself in the client’s world, interpreting their ideas and transforming them into permanent masterpieces on their skin.

250 Pacific Ave apartment 503, Long Beach, California 90802, United States