Žofka is renowned for her ability to create incredibly detailed and lifelike portraits. His signature style focuses on the use of black and white, which lends an intimate and suggestive atmosphere to his tattoos. Every nuance is masterfully curated, creating a three-dimensional effect that brings images to life on the skin.

Žofka’s passion for perfection is reflected in every single stroke of his work. Every detail, from the lines of the lips to the wavy hair, is reproduced with extraordinary precision, capturing the unique essence and expression of each subject. The end result is tattoos that look like real photographs etched into the skin.

On our website, you will be able to explore Žofka’s portfolio and admire his uncanny ability to create lifelike portraits. Each tattoo is accompanied by the story and inspiration behind the subject, giving you an intimate understanding of the artwork you are about to choose.

In addition, on the site you will find information on the booking process and prices, ensuring a smooth and transparent experience from the first contact to the creation of the tattoo.

Žofka is appreciated by both her clients and the tattoo community. Her dedication to the art of portraiture and her ability to capture the essence of people through her tattoos have made her a respected and sought-after figure in the tattoo industry.

Vozová 8, 120 00 Vinohrady, Czechia