Dark Sumy tattoo ink is the perfect choice for those seeking to create stunning black shading in their tattoos. This ink has been specifically designed to achieve medium-intensity black shading that is ideal for realistic tattoos or for those who desire a deeper and more intense shading effect.
Dark Sumy tattoo ink conforms to European regulations, ensuring its safety and quality. It is easy to apply and ensures a smooth, even finish, making it a favorite among professional tattoo artists. Its unique formulation ensures that the shading stays true to its intensity over time, ensuring long-lasting and consistent results.
Whether you are a professional tattoo artist or a passionate enthusiast, Dark Sumy tattoo ink is the perfect choice for creating striking black shading effects in your tattoos. Its ease of use and consistent quality make it a must-have in any tattoo artist’s kit. Choose Dark Sumy tattoo ink for the best results in your shading work.

The ink is sterilized using gamma ray technology, ensuring greater safety and reducing the risk of infection. Thanks to stringent quality control procedures, every batch of ink produced is tested to ensure the highest quality and safety.
Panthera Ink is the result of research and development by Panthera Ink laboratories and is produced using only pharmaceutical grade raw materials, to guarantee a safe, reliable and very high quality ink.
This tattoo ink is suitable for all types of tattoos and can be used with any application technique. Thanks to its bacteriological safety and superior quality, Panthera Ink represents the ideal choice for tattoo professionals who wish to offer their clients the best quality and maximum safety.
Absence of carcinogenic substances, compliant with current European legislation

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