Matteo Pasqualin Set 150ml

Matteo Pasqualin Black Shading Set 150ml, this set is created with the collaboration of tattoo master Matteo Pasqualin, which contains all the secrets of the artist

This set consists of 7 black inks and 1 bright white and one illustrated manual by Matteo Pasqualin.

Black Inks from 0 to 7 are in pigment scale from the darkest to the lightest.

Colour 0 has a dark black colour which is ideal when working with black and white contrasts.

Colour 1 contains dark black pigment, which is used to achieve strong and bold shadows.

Colour 2 is the same as the Colour 0 but a slightly lighter shade.

Colours 3 and 4 are medium tones of black colour that every tattooist uses for shading. Ideal for tattooing portraits, shadows under nose, eyebrows etc.

Colours 5 and 6 are light shades of black, which are perfect for background shading or subtle transitions in portraits etc.

Colour 7 is a great shining white colour, which you can apply when making sharp contrasts, details, reflections etc.

All our inks are sterilized with gamma rays and are certified according to EU regulations.

Matteo Pasqualin Black Shading Set is available in  30ml and 150ml sizes.

Produced in Italy.

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