XXX Concentrated Tattoo Ink has been designed to meet the needs of tattoo professionals looking for a rich, brilliant black. This highly concentrated ink offers great color payoff, allowing tattoo artists to create artwork on any skin type.
The concentrated xxx tattoo ink complies with the European directive, ensuring maximum safety for tattoo artists and their clients. Thanks to its high-quality formulation, this ink produces a deep, brilliant black without a blue cast, ensuring long-lasting, superior quality results.
In addition, the concentrated xxx tattoo ink is extremely easy to spread on the skin, allowing tattoo artists to work efficiently and precisely. This ink lends itself perfectly to the creation of deep black and coloring works, guaranteeing a uniform and high quality color rendering.
Thanks to its highly concentrated formula, this tattoo ink offers excellent coverage, reducing the need for repeated refills and the risk of skin damage. Finally, the concentrated xxx tattoo ink is suitable for all skin types and can be used with any application technique.
In summary, xxx concentrated tattoo ink is an ideal choice for tattoo professionals who want to obtain the highest quality results with a brilliant and deep black, guaranteeing maximum safety and ease of use.
The ink is sterilized using gamma ray technology, ensuring greater safety and reducing the risk of infection. Thanks to stringent quality control procedures, every batch of ink produced is tested to ensure the highest quality and safety.
Panthera Ink is the result of research and development by Panthera Ink laboratories and is produced using only pharmaceutical grade raw materials, to guarantee a safe, reliable and very high quality ink.
This tattoo ink is suitable for all types of tattoos and can be used with any application technique. Thanks to its bacteriological safety and superior quality, Panthera Ink represents the ideal choice for tattoo professionals who wish to offer their clients the best quality and maximum safety.
Absence of carcinogenic substances, compliant with current European legislation

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